Meadowlark Publishing Services is the brainchild of two people, Sheridan McCarthy and Stanton Nelson, whose work in the publishing world goes back farther than they'd like to let on. It spans sales, marketing, distribution, and promotion, in addition to writing, editing, and book production.

A publisher's praise—
I can always count on Sheridan McCarthy and Stanton Nelson at Meadowlark Publishing Services for top-notch work: that's why you will find them credited on the copyright pages of so many of our books!
—Lindsay Brown, Managing Editor, Beyond Words Publishing

A self-publisher's thanks—
I want to thank my editors, publication managers, and amazingly, still my friends: Sheridan McCarthy and Stan Nelson. Their professionalism and patience allowed me to focus on getting my thoughts on paper and truly made the idea of publishing this book a reality.
—Catherine Marshall, author of Field Building: Your Blueprint for Creating an Effective and Powerful Social Movement, recipient of the 2013 eLit Gold Award

An author's appreciation
Brilliant. Precise. Energizing. With the ability to transform work into play and a work into its highest state. I have worked with Sheridan on two books, and I can't say enough about her gifts and abilities. I haven't seen the like, and I now have eight books behind me—and hopefully many to go with her editorial help.
—Cyndi Dale, author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, recipient of Nautilus, IPPY, and Living Now awards
[Note: We're up to four books for Cyndi now: two more are forthcoming]