Meadowlark Publishing Services was founded in 2003 by its co-owners, Sheridan McCarthy and Stanton Nelson. We are editors, designers, and book packagers with a passion for the work. Our philosophy:

Your publications will be well crafted, effective, and a pleasure to read.

Sheridan McCarthy
Sheridan McCarthy has worked in the world of book publishing for more than twenty years. As buyer for a large west coast book wholesaler, she worked with thousands of small presses and self-publishing authors, helping them find their way to the marketplace. Her work with Meadowlark Publishing Services includes writing, developmental editing, copyediting, and helping self-publishers develop the appropriate publishing strategy for their individual projects.

Stanton Nelson
Stanton Nelson's background includes stints as a traveling book sales rep and an ad copy/back cover copy writer. His book production work goes back to the days when pages were laid out by hand with a waxer on a light table. Today, InDesign is his new best page-layout friend and, in addition to lots of copyediting, he does all of Meadowlark's publication design and layout.